Rodney Dietert, PhD

Creative Problem Solving Workshops

Creative Problem Solving Workshops provide tools for creative thinking  and enhanced conscious awareness that are not generally found in the standard curriculum of most universities or in business training programs.  They provide hands-on experiences that both empower the individual in terms of perceptual awareness, confidence, and problem-solving tool sets and support a useful openness and shift in the group institutional climate.  The workshops are designed to support the following goals:

1).  Career development among faculty and staff at universities, corporations, government institutions, foundations and other NGOs.

2).  Educational training for students and research trainees.

3).  Team building to jump-start specific projects and/or initiatives.

4).  Starting points for effective annual retreats.

Workshop materials are drawn from a variety of sources including the Cornell University BIOMS(ANSC) 4400 textbook, Science Sifting: Tools for Innovation in Science and Technology (World Scientific Publishing, 2013) by Rodney R. Dietert and Janice Dietert.