Science Media Awards & Summit in the Hub Review 2016

Interview with Charles River Labs Eureka online blog July 2016

Reddit Science Ask Me Anything (AMA)from July 11, 2016

Podcast Interview (#148) with Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health 2016

about The Human Superorganism

Health Insights- Bridge Street 6-12-14

 Wendy Meyerson and Dr. Rodney Dietert talk with us today about road blocks in your life and how to overcome them through some simple, easy steps.

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WGBH PBS Forum Network 2016 recording of The Human Superorganism book event
– Airplane Seat Selection

The Birthful Podcast interview with Dr. Rodney Dietert

Whole Life Nutrition YouTube Interview

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Signature Online Magazine article 2016

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WGBH Boston PBS  - Forum Network - recording of The Human Superorganism book event, Harvard Book Store July 21, 2016.

Rodney Dietert, PhD


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Nature Journal review August 11, 2016