Rodney R Dietert, PhD

An internationally recognized scientist, author and lecturer on reducing the environmental health risks of children and protecting against chronic diseases.

An innovator in creative thinking and conscious awareness education.

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Rodney Dietert, Ph.D. has devoted his career to better protecting pregnant women and children from the environmental hazards that promote chronic diseases. Much of his recent work has involved the Microbiome, now implicated as underpinning non-communicable diseases.  These chronic diseases are the greatest killer today.  Their ever-increasing costs drain the vitality  from our economies and restrict opportunities for many of our children.  Yet, most of our health-related efforts are geared toward treating chronic diseases with an ever-increasing menu of medications rather than preventing them.  This trend needs to be reversed and the sooner, the better.

Using his multidisciplinary expertise, Dr. Dietert, has focused on the full range of early life risk factors that promote chronic diseases.  Risk factors that can include toxic chemicals and drugs, certain maternal and infant diets, infections, vaccinations, birth deliver mode, and physical and emotional stressors.  His goals are two-fold:   
        -1-  To help parents and pediatricians make informed decisions that reduce health risks for children
        -2-  To lead a much-needed overhaul of safety testing for drugs and chemicals such that testing is directly relevant for the risk of today's chronic diseases.
Only in doing that can we identify and reduce exposure to the major environmental causes of childhood asthma, type 1 diabetes, lupus, colitis, celiac disease and other chronic conditions.

Additionally, Dr. Dietert has launched an educational initiative for enhanced creative thinking, conscious awareness,  and novel, problem solving skills directed at science and business career development.  This initiative takes the form of a new book, Science Sifting, a Cornell University course and workshops for career development and team building. 

If you are interested in more effective strategies for protecting our children's health or for career development, you are encouraged to examine Dr. Dietert's books and other scientific publications, attend one of his already-scheduled appearances or contact him about future appearances

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